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of Grade V children cannot read grade II books.


of children drop out before senior secondary.


if they’re from tribal communities.

Government school enrollment is at an all time high of 95%, but this doesn’t reflect the ground reality.

In PISA test of 2009, India ranked 72nd out of 73 countries.

We believe that parents are the pioneers for the systemic transformation needed to achieve comprehensive child development

When parents are involved in the child’s life, there are 30% greater chances of the child’s success in academics.

Parents have the capacity to impact the lives of their children by bringing transformative changes across homes, schools and community. We work with parents on three levels to bring school and community together to drive these changes.

Enabling home learning environment by supporting parents to overcome challenges related to their child’s learning.
Facilitating teacher-parent conversation and focusing on capacity building of school management committees.
Creating a community of parents to enable a positive environment for the learning and development of students.

We recognise the
Power of Communities in the Process of Changemaking

We believe that parents hold a central role in bringing about reforms to education. Through our work, we envision parents as fellow changemakers. The community champions are guided on using tools for data collection, communication and public speaking and  technology. They then take up the role of Saajhedars. They engage with parents through regular communication on learning tools, and solutions, and support them on their journey to play a critical role in a child’s life.

 We plan to continue expanding the Saajhedar network and enable parents to be at the forefront of education and learning.

When School moved towards to Home,
We stood by Parents

We at Saajha, are committed to empowering communities hit adversely due to the Covid-19 crisis. With an objective that the well-being of children is ensured; Saajha designed interventions to support marginalized households with access to dry ration (uncooked food items), and feasible methods to engage with the child at home during the lockdown period in Delhi and Maharashtra. 

Efforts were directed towards engaging with parents, creating a channel of communication and addressing multiple layers of issues faced by them. We extended support to 50000+ parents from Delhi, Mumbai, Bhiwandi, and Maharashtra’s tribal belts.

We worked on three levels

Rapid Action

We provided access to ration to 5000+ parents. We established channels to provide crucial information regarding Govt welfare schemes.

Continued Support With Parents

Listening and responding to parents became the core of our efforts. Amidst the various challenges faced by them, we focused on ensuring parents' well-being. Our parent support team regularly engaged in empathetic conversations with parents. We extended more than 5000 hours of call-based support and exchanged over more than 2 lakh messages on WhatsApp.

Enabling Home Learning

We supported parents with tools to enable a learning environment at home. As parents became educators to their children, we supported them by providing information crucial for their child’s learning. We focused on building relationships between parents and children by providing engaging activities.

We Would Be Stronger With You